So, you’ve decided to give the ‘green thumb’ a go! Not that we are biased or anything, but we wanted to congratulate you on this decision.


You’ll need a set of gardening tools to get you started.


Gardening and landscaping tools can occupy a fair amount of space and become relatively costly. With the abundance of options, it’s hard to know what equipment you should be investing in. First thing’s first, protective gear such as gloves and appropriate footwear is vital for any gardening task, avoid injury, and carry out the labour comfortably and productively.


Of course, with each project comes its own requirements, but to start with, we’re going to have a look at 10 essential tools everyone needs for landscaping.



Allowing you to dig for several landscaping and gardening purposes is a shovel. Designed to assist in planting, they come in various shapes and sizes. Even if it costs a little bit more, it is recommended to invest in one that is durable and comfortable to use.



Small and easy to direct, a trowel is necessary for finer tasks, such as planting seeds. Investing in metal instead of a plastic trowel will make for a more intelligent investment given its durability and proficiency.


Garden Fork

Intended for breaking up soil, garden forks are available in a series of sizes, serving a range of purposes.



Encouraging regrowth, pruning is a crucial maintenance technique, therefore, a pair of secateurs should definitely be on the shopping list. The blades must remain clean and sharp, to ensure a crisp cut so the branches can properly heal.


Garden Hoe

Weeds are the bane of a gardeners’ existence. A garden hoe is designed for soil preparation and can be used for weeding. Given its elongated form and that it’s easy and comfortable to hold, this tool prevents pain in your arms and back.



Ensuring the weighty loads are kinder on your body, and carried out efficiently, a wheelbarrow is a very useful piece of equipment. Ideal for carting soil and cement, effortlessly moving plants, and transporting an abundance of other garden materials. When selecting a wheelbarrow, you will need to consider the specific tasks as well as the capacity of storage space it will occupy.


Garden Rake

An effective tool to clean up leaves, a garden rake is also perfect for spreading soil productively. There are a variety of rakes available, each serving of different tasks. Regardless of its purpose, you must clear the head of any material build-up to ensure proper rake use and avoid damaging the tool.



Maintaining a tidy workspace can help avoid devastation or more work in the greater scheme. Whether your backyard is large or small, crisp edges of your lawn can make a huge aesthetic difference. This is why a trimmer is an essential landscaping tool.



Used for cutting branches and trimming hedges, purchasing high-quality shears is advised for reasons of efficiency, value for money, durability and safety.


Hose and Irrigation

The final essential tool is a garden hose and a quality irrigation system. To sustain your efforts and achieve results, water must be able to travel competently around your garden. It is heavy and impractical to cart water.


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