Autumn is the season where trees shed themselves of their leaves, and the sombre (or anticipated, depending on your preferences) transition between summer and winter.

As temperatures cool down and our gardens and streets become littered with once vibrant foliage, it’s hard to believe any gardening work now would be worthwhile. Except of course, a good sweep and a rake.

Yet, did you know that the gardening time and effort you put in this autumn, will very much set the scene in achieving gardening results for the rest of the year?

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Mulch, mulch and mulch again

If ever you needed a reminder to mulch your gardens, consider this it. So, order some mulch in and have a busy bee weekend, or hire a Perth landscaper to do it for you.

What to mulch?

  • Garden beds,
  • Deciduous trees, and
  • Beloved veggie gardens.

Not only does it dress up your garden, so to speak, mulch actually works extremely well in suppressing weeds and retaining moisture.

We all know that healthy plants are only possible with healthy soil.

Give your gardens some love this autumn by adding fresh mulch.



Feed your plants

Applying slow release fertiliser is essential all year round to maintain and enhance your garden.

However, this gardening tip is all the more important in the growing season (aka Perth’s autumn).

Did you know that autumn in Perth is almost like a second spring?

Autumn is a fantastic time to feed your plants. You can easily do this by fertilising your lawn going into winter, as a healthy lawn will stay greener for longer and recover quicker coming out of frosty winter temperatures.


It’s fruit tree and flowering bulb time

Did you know that new plants put into soil in autumn have an optimal capacity for good root growth?

As such, autumn is a fantastic time to plant citrus trees and bulbs.

By planting these choices now, they will be well established for the growth that spring brings.

Your garden will well and truly be the envy of all come springtime.

The advice, products and service you need to establish and maintain a healthy and flourishing garden is with the expert team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation.


Perth landscaping and irrigation services

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Perth really is a sometimes tough, but forever remarkable landscape. Let us help you design, landscape and work with you to maintain your gardens.


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