Reticulation is a set and forget solution – right? Well yes, but also no.

While reticulation is an important tool in our endeavours to keep our Perth gardens lush and beautiful, there’s important things you should do in the set-up and operation of your reticulation.

Don’t worry – they’re all relatively easy steps and there’s always Perth irrigation and reticulation experts you can count on for assistance.

Interested in finding out a foolproof guide to year-round reticulated bliss?

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Get waterwise with your irrigation system


If you’re concerned about how much water you’re using (and let’s face it, we all should be), there’s a garden-based solution for you. This solution is an irrigation controller; a fantastic way to keep up to date with your water usage.

Its controllers can be programmed to water more in the summer months and also a rain sensor can be installed.

Remember, there’s a blanket ban watering your Perth gardens in winter, so make a waterwise decision too, if/when it rains aside from winter.


Know the ways of the Water Corporation re your retic


You probably already know your designated watering days based upon where you live. You might also know the strict set times (before 9am and after 6pm).

However, did you know that you could very well cop a $100 fine for breaching the sprinkler roster and watering in winter? Save yourself the hassle of an unnecessary fine and stick to the rules!



Utilise the right sprinklers for the job


Wouldn’t it be nice for your sprinklers to hit where it needs to and not wet the road or footpath?

Installing a good reticulation system, with the same brand and type of sprinklers will lead to optimal performance. Remember, your system will only be able to deliver a number of litres through per minute (this is known as the flow rate).

The Perth reticulation experts at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation are more than happy to assist you in finding and installing the best possible sprinklers for your needs.


Take care of your reticulation system


Just as you would take care of your pool and your car, you should maintain your reticulation system, too. Annual reticulation services are highly recommended to ensure everything is in great working shape and your garden doesn’t suffer due to reticulation ill-health.

Time poor? Not a green thumb? That’s where you need the experts to help.


Reticulation services from LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation


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How we assist:

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  • Bore installation, repairs and servicing
  • Attractive, waterwise residential and commercial landscaping services.

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