The lawns and gardens are the pride and joy of many Perth dwellers. However, our hot and dry slice of the world (aka paradise) poses challenges to the humble Perth backyard, and front yard, for that matter. 

The English countryside and cottage inspired garden is nice to aspire to, but it’s not realistic for many because of the big, beautiful sun and long, busy working days.  

Want to know 4 landscape design pointers to take note of for your Perth garden? 

Read more from the landscaping, irrigation and reticulation Perth experts at LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation to find out. 

1. Opt for drought-tolerant plants

Perth experiences summer, autumn, winter and spring just like any part of Australia, and the world. 

However, summer is often times, very, very hot, dry and our plants and grass cop the brunt. 

The high temperatures and heat waves Perth endure in the warmer months can kill many a plant and turn many lawns into straw. 

This is why if you want your garden to last, choosing drought-tolerant plants is the key. 

Some examples for your garden: 

  • Geraldton Wax, 
  • Native Hibiscus, 
  • Fringe Myrtle, and 
  • Dwarf Golden Banksia. 

The above are drought-tolerant, waterwise plants that are WA Natives and suit a Mediterranean garden scheme. 

The landscaping and reticulation Perth experts will help you out with all your landscaping and irrigation supplies in Perth. 

2. Optimise your reticulation in Perth

A garden is only as good as its maintenance. This means fertilising, mowing, pruning and of course, watering. Even waterwise plants need a good drink every now and then. 

Optimising your reticulation is easy for automatic peace of mind and sufficient watering. 

To achieve a perfect Perth garden, you need to think of these: 

  • Reticulation design, 
  • Water pressure, 
  • What sprinkler heads will suit your garden? 
  • Do you have an established lawn or are you laying it down fresh? 

Nourish and love your garden with optimised reticulation in Perth. All your irrigation supplies in Perth are found at LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation. 

3. Ask for approval first

Installation of a pool, construction of a shed and of course, anything pertaining to your verge needs planning permission from your local council or shire 

Most of the time, councils want to work with homeowners, not against them. 

4. Hire a professional landscaper and reticulation Perth expert

DIY is an up-and-coming trend for many homeowners inside the house – but what about outside 

Yes, many of us are avid gardeners, however landscaping can be a whole other ballpark. 

Why you should hire a professional for your Perth garden? 

  • You’re short on time, 
  • Want a job well done, and 
  • You have great ideas but not the skills and experience to DIY. 

LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation are who you can trust to design, enact and maintain your garden of your dreams. We’re here for all your reticulation and irrigation supplies in Perth.  

Need help with reticulation and irrigation supplies in Perth?  

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