Whilst it might start out as a rewarding experience as you rid an entire patch of weeds, it quickly becomes tiresome. It’s a bewildering fact that the very thing you work hard to do away with, is the one thing that is persistent to keep growing back. When it comes to weeds, prevention is the key but in many cases, it seems a little too late and you’re faced with the never-ending task of labouring over unwelcomed pests.

Here are four simple hacks to keep weeds out of your garden.




First of all, be certain to remove all existing weeds, before establishing mulch around your plants. Mulch will retain the soil’s moisture and deprive the weeds of sun exposure. It will form a strong barrier that the weeds won’t have the strength and ability to penetrate.

Mulch often attracts beetles and crickets, which revel in weed seeds, all the more beneficial to the mission of reducing growth and having to commit to constant maintenance.





A profound, natural household item, that you’re likely to have already. Vinegar is affordable, easy to get a hold of and brilliant for killing weeds. Acetic acid is the main active ingredient and works wonders on weeds by extracting all their moisture.

When using vinegar, be very careful to terminate only the unwanted, as it will kill your plants in the process, should they be sprayed accidently. If you are particularly cautious, you might like to hold a divider, such as a sheet of cardboard, when manoeuvring around intentional growth. You will be amazed out how quickly the weeds turn brown! Ideal weather conditions, for the most productive results, would be lots of sun and little wind.



Soil quality


Promoting plants to grow is a positive and profitable step to compete with weeds. Enriched soil nurtures deliberate harvest, attracting fewer unwelcomed shoots. Quality compost eliminates the risk of inviting them into your garden in the first place, virtue to the purification stage, weed seeds are disposed of.



Raised garden beds


Easy and affordable to construct, raised garden beds are another way to ensure your garden is safe from the inundation of weeds. It is advisable to initially fabricate a barrier as a foundation for your garden beds.

Landscape fabric is a great liner for the soil to then be added on top. The conditions of compressed soil seem to suit weeds. When directly planted into the earth, the habit of walking over soil is formed, causing compaction and making it harder for water to flow to the roots of your produce.

By raising your garden, you can avoid this disturbance, and your plants will enjoy much better-living conditions.


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