Depending on your outlook, landscaping your property can be an exciting or daunting idea. Potentially even both. With any major permanent home addition, it’s always worth doing your research.

Want to know four things to consider before landscaping your property?

Read more from the Perth landscaping team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation to find out.

Get an idea of what you want

There exists a wealth of information online and dozens upon dozens of books and magazines centred upon landscaping your Australian property. So, before you dig some holes and buy an abundance of plants blindly, do your research.

A great way to do this is look up plant nurseries in Perth. You’ll find that some have suburb selectors which show you what plants are suitable and ideal for your location.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions at nurseries or start up a collage, either online or on paper which detail your findings and landscape inspiration.

Consider your lifestyle

Are you an already avid or aspiring green thumb? Do you work long hours or shift work, and/or perhaps want low maintenance landscaping for your property?

Here are some other points to consider:

  • How much space do you have?
  • Where are you geographically located?
  • What are your intentions? To look good and/or be fit for purpose?
  • How will the garden look in years to come?

Before you hire a Perth landscaper, know and understand the maintenance required and realistically identify how much time you’re willing to spend outdoors, tending to or enjoying your gardens.

Create and stick to a budget

Just as you would with internal home renovations, you should create and make a plan to stick to a landscaping budget. Do you have an idea of what everything may add up to?

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation offer modern and affordable outdoor spaces for residential and commercial landscaping projects.

We can go through step by step what our landscaping services entail and tailor a personalised package for you, depending on your budget.

Choose wisely

As a landscape should be a semi-permanent fixture to serve you for many happy years to come, you must choose wisely when designing.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • Only plant greenery that matches the climate of your location,
  • Note the height and width of your envisioned plants,
  • Go for disease and insect resistant plants (focus more on water wise, bee and bird attracting ones),
  • What soil preparation do you need?

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation can help you prepare for landscaping. We also offer the full service of landscape design and construction, so you need only sit back, relax and await gorgeous results.

Enlist the help of a professional Perth landscaper

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation have 30 years’ experience in providing only the best residential, rural and commercial landscape design throughout Perth.

We provide:

  • Landscaping ideas, site consultations, 3D plans, plant recommendations and more,
  • Earthworks, installation of excavation, soil, turf, reticulation and irrigation systems and more,
  • commercial and residential garden maintenance,
  • Pools, fences and decking services and more.

Let us create a luscious, healthy landscape for your residential or commercial property.

Need a landscaper in Perth?

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