A healthy lawn is what many of us dream of having, yet most of us, don’t have the time, energy or expertise to maintain. 

Brown patches, unusually high water bills, not seeing any results? These are the issues that even the best and well-intentioned lawn lovers of us face. 

Want to know how to easily grow and maintain a healthy lawn? 

Read more from the irrigation and reticulation experts at LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation to find out how it’s possible. 


1. Maintain your irrigation system

Your irrigation system is the tubes, pumps and sprays that artificially apply water to your soil. Irrigation systems help tremendously in areas of drought and heat waves…Perth lawns, we’re looking at you! 

Whether your lawn is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system or not, sticking to a regular watering schedule is vital. 


2. Stick to a consistent watering schedule

The watering tips you need to know: 

  • Watering your lawn before 9am or after 6pm is ideal for the Perth climate as temperatures are lower, there’s less water evaporation and lower winds. 
  • Watering your lawn in the dead of night may cause overwatering. 
  • Two to three times a week is a sweet spot for watering your lawns. However, each month and season you may have to adjust this. 

In winter, adjust your watering schedule to save money, time and water. 


3. Leak detection

Those pesky, brown patches in your lawn may not be due to underwatering, but actually water leaks. 

Keep on top of leak detection by regularly checking sprinklers, hoses, faucets and your water pressure. Paying attention now will save you time, money and frustration in the future. 


4. Regular mowing

Helping not just taming the jungle, mowing your lawn actually is a crucial part of irrigation maintenance. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Don’t mow your grass too short, as it won’t be able to sufficiently shade itself and the roots may dry out. 
  • Keeping your lawn at 2 to 3 inches can actually reduce the need for watering. 

Adjust your mowing habits based upon the seasons and growing habits. Talk to a reticulation and irrigation expert for further advice and supplies. 


5. Hazard reduction

Hazards, on or in your grass? What does this mean? 

  • Pets – monitor your pets and let them know pipes and pop-up sprinklers are not for chewing! 
  • Make sure you and your visitors know where your pop-up sprinklers are to avoid damage to the sprinklers or potential injury to yourself/visitors. 
  • Pop-ups near your verge? Put measures in place so visitors don’t park on your sprinkler systems. A white painted rock near-by is a commonly used marker. 

A healthy lawn not only looks luscious but is safe and accessible, too. 


Your irrigation and reticulation supplies in Perth

LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation has everything you need to grow and maintain a healthy lawn. 

Here’s how we can help: 

  • Irrigation installations 
  • Reticulation repairs and servicing 
  • Bore installation, repairs and servicing. 

Not sure what you need? Visit our irrigation shop for good, old-fashioned expert advice and the products that you will need for a beautiful, healthy lawn. 

Make your neighbours green with envy by following these irrigation tips for a healthier, lush lawn. 


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