Is your grass brown and patchy? Is it inconsistent with some areas green and thriving, while other sections are dying? 

There’s a variety of reasons why your lawn has met this unfortunate fate. Not to worry, however, as troubleshooting, getting on top of and solving your lawn problems will change the look and improve the health of your lawn. 

Want to know what to do when brown patches get you down? Read more from the reticulation Perth experts at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation. 

Remedy the water woes 

Reticulating your lawn is the best long-term solution for a healthy, green lawn. Current watering restrictions allow up to a 10mm standard watering on your watering days. 

If your lawn is reticulated, but still brown and patchy, this is what may be affecting it: 

1. Sprinkler run times 

Every sprinkler has different run times to apply that lovely 10mm drink for Perth lawns. 

This means some slow application sprinklers, still within the Water Corporation regulations, can run up to 60 minutes at a time.  

So, if you’re only running your Perth reticulation for 10-15 minutes and you have a rotary, gear drive or dripline sprinkler system, it just isn’t enough for the hot Perth summer. 

2. Incorrect sprinkler layout 

Sprinklers don’t cover their own bases, so your sprinkler system should ideally be set for ‘head-to-head’ coverage. This entails each sprinkler throwing all the way to the base of opposite and adjacent sprinklers, and vice versa. 

3. Grass blocking sprinklers 

Letting the blades of your grass grow too long will eventually block the sprinkler spray. 

This will leave you with green patches around your sprinklers, and dead, brown patches everywhere else. The solution? Install longer pop up sprinklers, and of course, mow your grass more. 

Talk to the reticulation Perth team and LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation for further advice, and all your irrigation supplies Perth needs. 

mowing lawn

Lawn maintenance to fight brown patches 

A lush, green and beautiful lawn is possible with regular lawn maintenance. 

Below are some common mistakes people make with their lawns and how to fix them: 

  • Mowing mix-ups 

Did you know there’s a correct height to mow your lawn? For example, mowing too low scalps the lawns, leading to instant brown patches. Mowing too high, on the other hand, makes it harder for light to penetrate and help your grass grow. 

In summer, grass should be mowed fortnightly or even weekly. 

Every grass variety is different, so do you research or consult with the irrigation supplies Perth team to find out more. 

  • Fertiliser is your friend 

All lawns should be regularly fertilised with a high-quality lawn fertiliser, such as a granular, slow release one. Always water in fertilisers thoroughly, as incorrect application can badly burn lawns. 

We hope these above tips will remedy the brown patches in our lawn, and turn it into a beautiful, bountiful and luscious lawn. 

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