Building a new home? You should know this about your landscaping

Are you building a new home in Perth? This is an exciting time in your life, and we know first hand that it comes with its unique set of challenges too.

Let’s set the scene. You have a block of land in the best location, the slab has gone down and you are working with a builder or architect to bring your vision to life. As part of bringing the pieces together to create that dream haven, you will have to consider a very important thing – the outside living area.

Often an overlooked part of the building process, we are here to help you consider the most important parts of your garden.

Plan it early, and remember to budget for your landscaping

 Your landscaping should be considered in the planning stages of your new home. Most builders and architects in Perth will consider the site, and look at the home’s relationship to the garden. If you want to make your outdoor space a statement and beautiful extension of your home, you should consider engaging a Perth landscape designer early on in the process.

Apart from adding value to your milestone investment, planning ahead will also likely alleviate some of the financial burdens a new home build can introduce.  Leaving big garden elements to the very end up could end up costing you more. We recommend engaging a landscape designer early on to then plan for the costs associated.

Having the forethought to speak to a landscape designer early in the design process will provide you with peace of mind and assist you when planning your garden project. Furthermore, we can work with your architect or builder to strategise the best use of the space. We have examples from past projects where home builders where working together with your builder has proven to fast-track your building process.

Here are a few landscape inclusions to consider:

  • You will need a power source and plumbing access for an outdoor kitchen.
  • From shape, size and materials – you will need to think about the dimensions of your decking.
  • The paving of the area you will cover along with the chosen material, design intricacy, and preparing the soil.
  • Will you have carports, patios and/or pergolas? Consider the size, desired materials, and position.
  • The area covered, ease of access and extra inclusions of your lawn
  • Reticulation and lighting – the irrigation and system functionality – how many areas will need to be watered?

Here is how to engage a landscape designer: 

  • Please provide us with the floorplans for your new house.
  • The feature survey or site plan as well.
  • Are there any elevations? Please ensure you let us know.
  • Your preferences for plants, and if you have any allergies.
  • Availability of bore or mains water
  • What is the property’s accessibility? Please include that in your correspondence.
  • Importantly, do you have a budget? Give this to us, this will help us design within budget.
  • Let us know what elements are being constructed by your home builder/architect.

Are you eager to know more about LHP Landscaping and Joel Irrigation/ Then be sure to chat with us right away. You can also speak to us about a project. Our services cover everything from landscape design and construction to landscape maintenance in Perth. We offer our landscaping services across a wide area in the Perth metro region and the northern and southern suburbs. From residential clients to commercial clients, one thing remains the same, and that is the delivery of a bespoke landscaping solution.