This beautiful continent, in which we live on is well accustomed to warm temperatures and sunshine. Yet, with consistently high temperatures, sometimes blistering sun and lack of rainfall – comes drought.

In an ever-changing climate and dry location, it’s up to Australians to increase our resilience to drought, water our properties and utilise household water in ways that are waterwise.

All this begs the question: is a backyard bore a sustainable safeguard against drought?

Read more from the bore and Perth reticulation repairs experts at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation to find out.

Defining groundwater

Groundwater can form underground lakes, but the most common analogy is that it’s like water to a sponge.

What does this mean? 

Not necessarily a stream, groundwater fills up the cracks and gaps between grains of soil and sand, lying in aquifers (another word for underground areas).

How does it work?

With the right pressure, groundwater can flow to the surface on its own with by an artesian well.

Other groundwater is accessed by being pumped to the surface – with a bore.

Bores, water levels and quality

For a long time, many Australian cities have had plentiful supplies of surface water, although many of us in Perth have relied heavily on groundwater.

Did you know 1 in 4 Perth households use a garden bore to water their gardens?

Craig Simmons, groundwater expert from Flinders University, is concerned that Australians are taking groundwater for granted:

“We think it’s an infinite resource for the taking, but it’s precious like surface water…

It’s all water. We have to keep an eye on the whole lot, and it has to be managed as one resource.”

Before you get a bore – think about these points first

  • Contact the Water Corporation about the approvals you will need to drill a domestic bore,
  • Weigh up the costs of a drilling licence, drilling engineer and pump,
  • Remember that the deeper you drill, the higher the price tag,
  • The water will need to be tested for saline, toxins and potential pathogens, and
  • There is no guarantee how much water you will get and of what quality it will be.

So, to answer the question of domestic backyard bores and droughts, whilst they can help your home with water when it comes to drought, they don’t safeguard from the effects and reality of Australian droughts.

The reticulation experts in Perth

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation are the experts in landscaping, reticulation and bores in Perth.

We are proud to be endorsed by the Water Corporation as a Waterwise Specialist and work hard to provide water-efficient reticulation and irrigation systems that suit the dry Perth climate.

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation can help you weather the effects of drought by:

  • Planting a drought-tolerant garden,
  • Encouraging and advising on stormwater and rainwater tanks, and
  • Providing cost-effective, waterwise tips, repairs and services to your garden.

It’s reasons like these that we’re trusted for everything domestic bores and reticulation.

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