Diagnosing Your Retic System

Are your sprinklers giving you an unexpected spray to the face? This may be a sign (one of many) that you are in need of reticulation repairs. At LHP Landscaping, we have a few tips for you to spot retic system issues before they cause a real problem.

What are some causes for retic issues? 

  • Garden bed edging blocking pipes
  • Pets digging up the garden
  • Tree roots interfering with pipes
  • Sprinkler damage from a vehicle or lawnmower
  • New paving blocking sprinklers
  • Electronic faults
  • Fencing and fence post installation breaking pipes

#1 Fixing a leak 

Did you know that sprinkler system leaks normally arise from underground irrigation pipes? This is why taking action when you notice a leak is imperative, but doing it on your own can be challenging. It’s best to contact a professional landscaper and irrigation expert to dig your garden, and to find out the exact source of the leak.

After identifying the source of the issue, a professional landscaper in Perth will replace a section of the pipe with a new one. Depending on the extent of the leak, the entire pipe may need replacement also. When the system is off, make sure that the heads aren’t dripping or spraying.

#2 Replacing broken sprinkler heads 

Over time, due to wear-and-tear, sprinkler heads are prone to breaking. The plastic casing eventually is prone to deterioration due to frequent sun exposure. Look for visible signs of your sprinkler being worn out. If the sprinkler heads are mounted too high, they can potentially get run over by lawn mowers too. Once you’ve identified a broken sprinkler head, turn off the system and carefully dig around the sprinkler head. Remove the head from the riser using a tool. From here, attach the new head, screw it tightly.

#3 Cleaning clogged sprinkler heads 

If your sprinkler head is clogged with dirt, mud, and debris – don’t worry, this is not uncommon. However, if you don’t attend to it, this can lead to uneven watering of your lawn. You’ll know a sprinkler head is clogged when it’s spraying water spontaneously.

First point of action is to dig out the clogged sprinkler, and remove it from the riser. Then, lift the sprinkler head out of the canister to dismantle it. Remove any grass, dirt, and other stuck particles from the inside filter under running water. Once the filter has been cleaned thoroughly, put the sprinkler head back together and see if the sprinkler is spraying out water evenly.

If you need help repairing your retic sprinkler system in Perth then we encourage you to get in touch. We have the right parts, equipment and the team needed to undertake your retic system issues. Speak to our landscaping team in Perth today.