It’s in everybody’s interest to save water, be it at home and at work. You won’t be just saving money, but also a precious, natural resource.

Australia can be at times, a dry, hot and unforgiving climate. So, it never hurts to practice grey water usage and water wise habits on your property.

Want to utilise smart grey water tips for your home?

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Defining grey water

Grey water is collectively known as wastewater collected from the bathroom, hand basins, showers and laundry.

You’ll commonly find that ‘dark grey water’ refers to water collected from dishwashers and kitchen sinks. This is due to the higher presence of chemicals, fats and other organic materials within it. Water from toilets is referred to as black water.

Grey water can be used in a multitude of ways, such as:

  • Watering your gardens (both above and below surface usage),
  • To flush the toilet, and
  • When treated, to wash loads of laundry.

Did you know that more than half of household water has the potential to be recycled and used as grey water? This will not only save hundreds of litres a day but slash your regular water bills.

What to do with grey water

Do good for the environment and your wallet.

Here’s what to do with your grey water:

  • Only use grey water from baths, hand basins, showers and washing machines. It’s best to use the cleaner, final rinse water.
  • Apply grey water to your garden, rotating which areas are watered on a regular basis.
  • Only apply enough water for the soil to fully absorb.
  • Ensure all pipes and systems utilising grey water are sufficiently labelled or marked. For help with this, ask your local LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation technician.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling grey water.


What not to do with grey water

There are dos and don’ts when it comes to utilising grey water.

What are they?

  • Avoid using grey water during the wetter months – let the rain keep your garden flourishing, instead.
  • Cease using grey water if there’s a foul smell and/or the plants being watered with grey water aren’t thriving.
  • Don’t use grey water on vegetable gardens if the produce is intended to be eaten raw or uncooked.
  • Never use grey water that is or may be contaminated with faecal matter.
  • Keep children or pets away from grey water and don’t let it flow away from your property or enter storm drains.
  • Don’t store grey water for longer than 24 hours.

Seek the expertise of reticulation and irrigation experts if you’re unsure.


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