There’s no doubting professional landscaping design for the exterior of residential properties is an attractive investment in itself.

Landscape design, construction, garden maintenance and the irrigation systems that facilitate them work to maintain aesthetics and functions.

So, are these end results achieved in commercial settings, too?

Want to know exactly how landscaping will benefit your business? Let the team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation show you how.


Your business will become more approachable and positively recognised

Just as curb appeal exists for residential properties, street appeal is the same for businesses.

While it’s true that not all buildings or offices are exclusively owned by businesses, with many tenanted – if you have the freedom to alter the street front landscapes (for the better), why wouldn’t you?

Attracting customers is more important in this day and age than it has ever been before – so give them more reason to come in with beautifully landscaped exteriors.

Did you know that commercial landscaping doesn’t have to cost the earth? All it takes is your vision, council approval, landscaping design, construction and maintenance and it will pay for itself in no time.


Increase your property value

Do you have empty, ‘dead’ space at the front of your commercial property? Do you have the permission to do something with it but not sure how to go about it?

Don’t let the opportunity of aesthetic and functional landscaping pass you by.

Whether you need hardscape (paths, walls and structural features), softscape elements (living trees, grasses, groundcover and plants) or both – the real property value of your business will only increase.


Motivate your employees

Are you struggling with dipping motivation and productivity of your employees?

The setting in which they work has a lot to answer for. It turns out adding beautiful office views, a relaxing outdoor area fit with a table and seating, native plants and even grass can improve employee productivity within the workplace.

So much so, that research suggests positive mental and productivity impact comes from viewing or being amongst nature. You’ll also significantly boost your eco-friendly image by embracing native landscape services.


Enhance safety and security for your business

Keeping you, your staff, customers and crucial on-site equipment and records safe during the day is paramount. However, as you might already know, more than 70% of burglaries and trespassing occur in the dark of night.

So, while you’re working on landscape design and construction at your business, consider too – additional but appreciated safety features, such as:

  • Installing plenty of lighting to illuminate your business and deter criminals
  • Security cameras, lockable gates and fences to also act as a deterrent.


Benefit your business with LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation

Increase the aesthetics and functionality of your business’ exterior with local landscapers and irrigation specialists.

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation proudly provide:

  • Landscape design, construction, maintenance and estate packages
  • Bore, irrigation and reticulation installations, repair, servicing and much more.

Create a commercial landscape to be proud of with help from LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation.


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