How Often Should You Check Your Bore?

Many Perth homes and businesses rely on bore pumps to effortlessly and continuously deliver enriched groundwater to our lawns and gardens. Some properties use bore when mains water isn’t available.

Yet, without proper installation and/or maintenance, the functionality of your bore may become far less effortless.

So, that’s why your bore systems need to be checked. But how often should checks be carried out?

Read more from the reticulation Perth specialists at LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation to find out.

 Why you need regular bore checks

Our gardens bring us joy, particularly in the natural beauty of spring and exciting lead up to summer.

Checking your bore regularly (yes, even in winter), ensures any potential bore problems can be identified and solved quickly. Do so, to ensure the health of your lawns and garden don’t suffer.

You know what else won’t suffer? Your finances – when you get on top of potential bore problems quick smart.

When you utilise an irrigation company that specialises in and services bore repairs Perth, you can rest easy.


As early identification and repairs mean further damage is minimised with professional and experienced irrigation solutions in Perth.

 When bore’s go bad

 There’s certain tell-tale signs that lead to reticulation Perth problems. For starters, it’s wise you know what to look for.

Here’s some of them:

  • The bore keeps tripping your RCD or power.
  • Your bore has no prime. This is the pipe between the pump and underground water (think of a plumbing P-trap), that primes the water to get it moving. With no water, the pump will suck up air instead, which can seriously damage your bore.
  • The most obvious signs of course being, your bore is running but there is no water coming through your irrigation, or it’s not switching on despite your most valiant efforts.

It’s times like these you need the expertise of irrigation specialists in bore repairs Perth.

Whether it’s routine checks or diagnosis and repairing of your bore, LHP Landscaping and Joel Irrigation are here to help.

 Bore repairs Perth made easy with LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation

Bore installation at your home or business is a great way to save money on your water bill, drought-proof your lawn and enable watered lawn all-year round.

Of course, many home and business owners know and have already capitalised on this.

However, with all reticulation Perth areas, regular bore checks are essential for efficient lawn and garden management.

Fortunately, LHP Landscaping and Joel Irrigation are the experts in everything reticulation and bore repairs Perth.

But, why choose us?

  • We’re proudly endorsed by the Water Corporation as a Waterwise Specialist,
  • We have over 30 years’ experience in Perth irrigation, and
  • Offer obligation-free bore servicing quotes.

For advice, installation, repairs and maintenance of bores and reticulation systems, look no further than the friendly and professional team at LHP Landscaping and Joel Irrigation.

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