How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Christmas

With it being a year like no other, it’s safe to say most (if not all) of us are ready for the end of 2020. 

However, we’re not quite there yet – because there’s still Christmas! 

If Christmas is at your place this summer, it’s definitely time to get your home all spick and span for the inlaws and other family or friends. 

While the food and presents are happening inside, don’t forget some good old lawn maintenance on the outside, before the big day. 

Read more from the reticulation Perth experts at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation to find out more about getting your lawn ready for Christmas. 


Summer sun and lawns 

December, summer and all things hot and sizzling are upon us right now in Perth. 

Us sandgropers (aka Western Australians, Perthians, or Perthites) are well-accustomed to dry conditions, scorching sun and how to keep cool. 

But just like flossing your teeth, some of us forget to up the lawn care come the summer months – even if we know it will help tremendously. 

Many West Australians are struggling to keep their lawn alive right now, let alone looking good for Christmas! 

It all comes down to two words: moisture management.  

Let the reticulation repairs Perth specialists walk you through it. 


Understanding moisture management

Couch, Kikuyu and buffalo lawns are all popular choices in Perth as they do well in warmer climates. 

Why these lawn varieties often don’t perform well though, is poor moisture levels in the soil. 

Poor soil moisture leads to: 

  • Patchy lawns – often thought to be the work of lawn beetles and fungus problems, and 
  • The frustration that water repellent soil brings. 

Ensuring a good level of moisture, 75mm below the surface of your lawn will guarantee a heat wave won’t affect it. The lawn’s roots will simply draw on the water in the soil to replenish itself.  


Follow these pre-Christmas lawn care tips

Consistently watering your lawn is a good habit to get into, especially in summer, and especially before the big Christmas get together at your place. 

However, don’t assume your soil is wet deep down because you watered it. 

Here are some easy tips for moisture management and a Christmas ready lawn: 

  • Apply a wetting agent and water to your lawn in the coolest part of the day. 
  • Give your lawn a good drink – this will get that precious water down to 75mm below the surface where it’s welcomed. 
  • Replace any bare areas with instant, roll-on turf. 
  • Fertilise with a liquid fertiliser (they act much quicker than solid ones). 
  • Mow and trim your lawn and tidy up the rest of your garden if need be. 


Follow these steps and be proud to have Christmas at your place this year with an envious, lush lawn.  


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