How to maintain a newly laid out lawn

If you want your newly laid lawn to flourish and yield long-lasting lush results, you have to ensure it receives proper care. The initial few weeks is vital in ensuring the law is set right. In this article, we are discussing a few of our tips on how to best do that.

Remember to mow the lawn regularly 

Mowing your lawn on a consistent basis is crucial to maintaining your lawn. Fortnightly or monthly mowing is ideal, and regular cuttings in between is highly encouraged. This helps the lawn retain a healthy look all year round. In addition, you can use both cylinder and rotary mowers for mowing to yield the best results. Another popular choice is a reel mower is as it also can give your grass a trim in between mows.

Consistent watering is crucial, especially if it’s summer 

It is important that you water the grass every day. As a top tip, ensure that you keep the soil damp, not soggy. Like all plants, lawns rely heavily on the water as their primary source of nutrients. Of course, we don’t want to waste water by using too much, so always assess what time of the year it is, and ensure you pre-schedule your reticulation.

Remember to fertilise twice a year 

Apart from mowing and watering your lawn, you want to remember to fertalise your lawn to yield the best results. Generally speaking, you should apply slow-release fertiliser every 6 to 8 weeks from April through October, the height of the growing season. Avoid applying the fertiliser directly on dry grass. We recommend that you water the entire lawn before and after fertilising it. If you don’t take this precaution, you run the risk of ruining the lifespan of your lawn.

Ensure you have installed proper irrigation

You’ll need to ensure that your newly laid lawn needs are properly irrigated to ensure your lawn does not suffer from lack of water. This is because neglecting soil irrigation in the days following laying out a new lawn can cause dehydration and inadequate circulation. The consequence of this will show in the form of your grass yellowing. In more extreme cases, this can result in the total drying of the roots

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