An abundant garden is more than a set and forget aesthetic addition to your home or business.

Proper planning with landscape design, regular maintenance and well-thought-out irrigation and reticulation are all the working parts that turn a non-existent or unkempt garden into a beautiful one.

Want to know all the reasons why your garden will benefit from landscaping services? Read more from the Perth landscaping and irrigation team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation to find out.


Landscape design vs landscaping

These two terms can be used interchangeably, right? They often are, but they encompass different qualities when it comes to serving your garden.

Let’s discuss:

  • A landscape designer (aka landscape architect) is a professional who designs gardens and other outdoor spaces via preparation of concepts, sketches and detailed plans for their clients.

These designers also have the capability to oversee the process come to expected reality, overseeing landscape contractors, too.

  • A landscaper, on the other hand, provides the ‘hands on’ services –being professionally capable of installing everything from decks to BBQ areas, paving, retaining walls, pools and plenty more.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far at all if you seek both of the above because LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation expertly provide landscape design and landscape construction.


Why do you need a landscaper designer anyway?

Forethought and planning go a long way when it comes to creating an abundant, beneficial garden that will serve you for many years to come.

A landscape designer exists to assist you with visualising your project. We will help you realise affordable, water-saving concepts you may not even have considered.

We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re here to listen to your creative vision.

It’s done so in the following ways:

  • Our aptitude for creative flair
  • Comprehensive knowledge of native and introduced plants
  • The best, trendsetting materials and construction elements to enhance your exterior.

By designing first, the landscape construction will follow on easily.


What to expect from a landscape designer?

When you choose landscape design services from LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation you can expect to be impressed.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Site consultations
  • Landscape design ideas
  • 3D landscape plans
  • Recommendations for plants
  • Irrigation and reticulation plans
  • Project management (as required)
  • Council approval (as required)
  • Construction (as required).

Our landscape design team will be able to honestly communicate project costs based upon materials, labour and complexity.


LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation have what you need

Are you building a new home and a beautifully designed garden (or gardens) is important to you?

Perhaps you’re dreaming of a garden makeover? If you don’t know where to start – our landscape design team have the right package and services to suit your outdoor requirements.

Everything you will ever need to design, maintain and irrigate your residential and/or commercial outdoor spaces are expertly offered by LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation.

Contact the team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation today to create a modern, affordable and beautiful outdoor space.