Irrigation: it’s the supply of water (often via channels) to land or crops to encourage growth.

So, what’s the difference between irrigation and reticulation? Well, it often comes down to scale.

Irrigation introduces water by artificial means from a handy, faithful watering can to the most complex of reticulation systems. However, reticulation is specific to lawn management alone.

Today at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation, we’ll be looking at irrigation (more than just reticulation) and focusing on the irrigation cures for your irrigation problems.

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The problem: digging in the garden

There’s so much more to a bountiful lawn and garden. Likewise, there’s much more to the surface level of a house and property. Plumbing and earth works either by yourself or a contractor could unintentionally disrupt retic cables and piping.

The cure?

  • Look up the Dial Before You Dig website.
  • This is a free national referral service designed to assist in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s essential infrastructure network.

It’s a single point of contact to request information without contacting each provider individually. Find out more information on undertaking projects as a homeowner here.

  • Dig lightly before you dig a large hole.
  • This gives you a chance to be wary of any pipes and reticulation cables before damaging them.
  • If possible, know or have an idea where underground cables and pipes are.

It’s a good idea to have a Perth landscaper and irrigation expert to rely on to carry out garden works. After all, we know what we’re doing and what to be aware of when it comes to the underground systems of a home or property.


The problem: fencing works

A common irrigation problem is installing fencing.


  • To do so, deep holes must be dug to erect posts.
  • This can obviously, hit mains lines or essential wiring and damage or compromise the functioning or reticulation and larger irrigation systems.

The cure?

  • Follow the same principles for digging in the garden and be mindful and wary of where you’re digging.

Do you believe your irrigation or reticulation systems have been compromised? Contact the Perth irrigation experts or drop by our irrigation supplies shop to find the products and advice you need to cure it.


The problem: electrician work

Any electrician, accident or event that may disrupt the power supply, may very well stop your garden or property’s irrigation system(s) from working.

The cure?

  • Before the electrician leaves, be sure to remind them to turn on any system that may have been disrupted by their work.


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