Western Australian summers are mostly dry, with plenty of sizzling hot days sprinkled in between.

This doesn’t mean you have to watch your plants brown, dry up and wither away in the scorching heat, however.

In fact, there’s plenty of things you can do now, to prepare for the up-and-coming summer season.

Trust us, your plants will thank you for it.

Want to know how to keep your plants alive as the weather heats up?

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  1. Add shade to your landscaping


Whether you’re designing your landscape from scratch, or you’re redoing your back or front yard, remember the necessity of shade.

Plenty of plants aren’t equipped to survive under extended periods of direct sunlight, so provide those plants with adequate shade.

Consider the following:

  • Adding a tarp,
  • Shade sail, or

Or look to the outdoor area spots that experience the most sun and place sun-loving plants there. Think succulents and cacti, Kangaroo Paw, Bottlebrush, Aloe and Agapanthus.

Need further assistance? Our friendly team of Perth landscaping experts are here to help with our plant recommendations and sourcing.


  1. Carefully consider your plant pots


It certainly pays to think about what plant pots are most suited for the peak heat of summer.

Did you know dark coloured pots and plastic pots heat up faster than other pot varieties in direct sunlight? In summer, this can cause soil to dry out faster than normal, and without action, can kill your plants.

If this is an issue in your backyard, opt for wooden plant pots instead. Wooden plant pots blend very well into an array of different landscape designs and themes.


  1. Cease pruning


With the lovely, temperate weather upon us, it can be oh-so-tempting to go out and give your outdoor plants a haircut. However, it’s wise to leave that task until autumn.

Why? Because when you prune your plants, you’re stimulating new growth. This new growth may not be able to survive the dry, hot and challenging temperatures associated with a Western Australian summer.


  1. Use only the best mulch


Adequate soil moistness is a tricky time in summer, but there’s an easy way around this.

Using only high-quality mulch that’s both organic, with a chunky texture gives water a better chance of penetrating your soil.

High-quality mulches are packed with nutrients for your garden and plant health, and it works well to keep the soil temperature consistent and weed growth at bay.


  1. Water more, but only at night


Naturally, your grass and gardens need more water in summer. Water restrictions in mind, it’s crucial to water your gardens at night, when the sun has gone to sleep.

Why? Because the cooler temperatures allow better moisture absorption.


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