Need Help with Your Retic? Why You Should Rely on LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation



A garden, as you might already know, is only as good as the watering system that helps it grow.

Thankfully, reticulation allows you to automate this process, so you can more or less set and forget, sit back and relax, waiting for a lush, healthy garden.

Yet, how do you know who you should rely on when it comes to installing, maintaining and repairing your garden’s reticulation? There’s a few pointers to know, so you can guarantee you’re getting value for money and a reliable service.

Want to know why you should trust your retic systems to the expert team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation?

Read more from the Perth landscaper, retic and irrigation professionals themselves to find out.


Understand what’s involved in the price


As with nearly everything, you get what you pay for. So, it’s worth understanding that installing reticulation isn’t the cheapest venture. You need only to remind yourself of the long-term benefits and automation rewards you’ll receive, though, for it to be very worth it.


Here are some things to know and questions to ask your prospective Perth retic specialist:


  • What is the quality of materials used?
  • Are you qualified, experienced and have a workmanship guarantee?
  • How thoroughly will you work to ensure full head-to-head coverage?
  • Can I work with you and view the design you will create for my reticulation system?
  • Are you passionate about and up to date with the latest landscaping trends?

It’s wise to look out for the really cheap quotes you may receive. While it may sound to you like a good deal, in reality, it’s likely anything but.


Look out for untrained retic ‘specialists’ without a work warranty


Some people are good with their hands and like getting stuck into backyard work. However, getting your dad’s friend’s cousin’s neighbour, who isn’t expertly trained or experienced in the field, to help with your retic, isn’t a wise move.

The Perth landscapers, irrigation and retic team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation provide:


  • A guaranteed warranty on all work
  • Over 30 years in business – that’s 30 years of helping the people of Perth with creating modern and affordable outdoor spaces
  • The relevant industry knowledge, qualifications and certifications.

Your residential or commercial gardens and landscapes should enhance the beauty and function of your outdoor space. The professional Perth landscapers, retic and irrigation team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation can turn these desires into a stunning reality.


Choose LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation


Retic exists to replenish your gardens consistently and automatically. Designing, installing, servicing and repairing a reticulation system should be left to those who have the skillset to do so.

By relying on LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation, you’re gaining peace of mind, every step of the way.

Talk to us today about everything reticulation in Perth, and the full-service packages for commercial and residential landscapes.


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