The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In fact, with smaller block sizes and busier lifestyles, plenty of homeowners (and tenants alike) are saying goodbye to grass for good.

Grassless gardens don’t have to be dull, boring or a concrete jungle. On the contrary, landscape designs that exclude grass are naturally easier to maintain and also can save you a pretty penny now and well into the future.

Grass lawns will always have their place in the Aussie backyard, yet going grassless is proving an equally attractive alternative.

Want to know 4 ideas to create a beautiful grassless garden? Read more from the Perth landscapers at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation to find out.


  1. Pots and planters are your friends

Keeping a lawn neat and tidy is a reality that some simply do not have the time, motivation or drive to achieve. Fortunately, grassless gardens are proving an attractive, low maintenance alternative.

One easy way to create an abundant garden without grass is with pots and planters, turning your garden into a sort of ‘container garden.’

What you’ll need:

  • A watering can and hose
  • Shovel and secateurs
  • The right advice when it comes to plants that suit your setting.

There’s an abundance of colours, shapes and sizes of plants you can put into pots and planters to still achieve enrichment.



  1. Gravel and stones

Small little gravel stones in lieu of lawn can provide a straightforward style with little to no maintenance ever needed.

To jazz your outdoor space up a little, you can opt for the above-mentioned pots and planters placed throughout your gravel stoned garden.


  1. Mulch and moss

Natural, pet-friendly and organic mulch is a popular alternative to grass. Here, you can plant your favourite plants and flowers, or even establish an herb garden and veggie patch to serve you for the seasons and years to come.

As Perth landscapers, we recommend placing a landscaping cloth on the soil before laying mulch to ensure no sprouting weeds spoil the appeal. Consider too, a moss garden which doesn’t require herbicides, mowing or weeding.

Plenty of people love moss due to its robust nature and capacity to survive where grass and other plants fail to thrive.


  1. Decking

Building a deck outside instead of laying grass enables endless entertaining opportunities and with the right care, can be incredibly low maintenance.

When you have guests over for a gathering outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the grass getting ruined when you have a deck instead!


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