Reticulation Installation In Perth – Choosing the right people for the job

Reticulation is a crucial need of your backyard. After all, it keeps your garden looking fresh through the warmer months. 

Therefore, receiving a thorough reticulation installation service in Perth is imperative to your garden’s well-being. How do you know which irrigation service company to choose for your reticulation installation in Perth?

We here at LHP Landscaping have curated a list for you, to choose the right people for the job. 

#1 See what previous Perth homeowners have to say about the company

Words speak volumes, and the words of past customers can have its weight in gold. Our recommendation when choosing a reticulation installation service in Perth is to look at a company’s reviews. Look at Facebook, Google and even any words said within social media community groups. If the company you are scoping has testimonials on their website, be sure to pick up what it is that the customers  liked about the business. Sometimes it can be the friendly attitude, other times it can be about the speediness of service. Keep a close eye and see what business testimonials align with your values. 

#2 Make sure the Perth reticulation installation company has warranty and insurance 

This is an added peace of mind to you, the customer, if you know that the company you are choosing backs themselves with a warranty and insurance scheme. That way, you are covered if something were to happen. At LHP Landscaping, we appreciate that things happen and the last thing we want is for our customers to wear the cost of repairs, which is why we have insurance and warranty in place. 

#3 Ask about the Perth reticulation company about their training 

Ask your reticulation installation service company in Perth about their credentials, qualifications and any recent upskilling they have done. There are always a few companies in the scene who aren’t fully qualified or who aren’t up to date with their certifications. As a Perth homeowner, you deserve the best person for the job, who is proficient in servicing your garden. 

#4 Assess the quality of the materials being used for the job

An age-old adage says, “buy cheap, buy twice”. It is an alarm bell if a reticulation installation company in Perth uses the cheapest sprinkler heads and wiring connectors. You will end up having to replace them very quickly. 

You want to choose a reticulation installation service provider who uses high-quality materials and spare parts. The parts will last longer – and save you money in the long run. 

Are you looking for a reticulation installation provider in Perth? Then look no further, LHP Landscaping is here to help you. We are Perth experts, who understand the nuances of the varying landscape in our community. Contact us today.