There’s no one size fits all approach to the way people water their gardens. Depending on garden size, there are different sprinkler systems to choose from.

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Automatic or manual systems

When you get an irrigation system installed, you’ll need to answer one important question – do you want an automatic sprinkler system, or one that you manually turn on/off?

Here’s more information about both:

  • Manual sprinkler systems turn on by your control. As such, they require constant monitoring so that the garden isn’t overwatered or worse, underwatered.
  • Surprisingly, it’s also time consuming – taking up to 2 hours a week depending on garden size, flow rate and application rate of your sprinklers.
  • Thankfully, automatic sprinkler systems need only be set up once, and the rest is history.
  • Choose the required days and times and experience the convenience, reliability, better chances of a lush garden, all while being water wise.

Stay with us while we delve into the different types of sprinklers and explore what gardens they suit.


Rotary sprinklers

This term refers to sprinklers that mechanically rotate while propelling water streams across the garden. While they can definitely be used on all types of lawns and gardens, you’ll find they’re best suited for larger gardens.

Why is this? It’s mainly because rotary sprinklers have the capacity to throw water further than other sprinklers, with some even being able to reach up to 50 metres away!

The main types of rotary sprinklers:

  • Gear-driven sprinklers

These sprinklers continuously release water in the form of a stream, turning in a repeated pattern. They’re suited for both medium and large gardens, both commercial and residential settings as they can spread water impressively far. Their recommended usage time is between 30-40 minutes.

  • Impact sprinklers

These sprinklers are generally longer-lasting as they’re made of metal. You’ll find these sprinklers employed mainly on commercial outdoor sites and farms.

  • Stream sprinklers

Otherwise known as multi-stream sprinklers, these will launch water in all directions. Perfect for clay soil, sloped and uneven ground, stream sprinklers have a low precipitation rate and operate quietly.

The benefits of rotary sprinklers is that they distribute water evenly and are a fantastic choice for clay and compact soils as water is absorbed gradually into the soil.


Fixed spray sprinklers

These utilise only a fixed and misting spraying pattern. You’ll find fixed spray sprinklers are utilised across many Perth residential gardens as they are the cheaper alternative to rotary nozzles.

Their recommended run time is between 9 to 15 minutes. Be aware though, these sprinklers are prone to wind drafting, making them less efficient on a windy day.


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