Tips that will prevent your flower garden from dying

Everyone loves a flower garden. After all, they are a wonderful addition to your landscaping in Perth. With so much diversity, colours and fragrances, it comes as no surprise that a beautiful flower garden can be the single factor that elevates your mood. After going through the effort of planting your flowers, you want to ensure they last all year round. That is why our team have put together a quick tips list to ensure your flowers are radiant through the various seasons. 

#1 Firstly, be sure to choose the right location

There are several different types of flowers. Each one comes with its own unique set of needs and challenges. There are flowers that need a lot of sun, while there are others that prefer shade. When planting your flower garden, pay attention to how much sun and shade your garden receives each day and choose the right flowers accordingly. A mistake we often see is people buying flowers that need shade, but planting them in direct sunlight. 

#2 Remember to water appropriately

Whether you give too much or too little water, watering is the most common reason flowers die. If your flowers are in direct sunlight, they likely need more water. If they’re planted in the shade, they’ll probably need less water. On average, expect to water your flower gardens at least 2-3 times a week. This does also depend on what point of the season we’re in.

Top tip: Avoid watering in the heat of the day. Water your flowers in the mornings or evenings. 

#3 Select the right flowers that are suited for the climate

As we mentioned earlier, some flowers do better in warmer, dry climates. Of course, there are also some that need highly humid conditions to thrive. Make sure you choose flowers that are either native to your area or choose flowers that can tolerate the climate of your surroundings. Consider your area’s rainfall too. 

#4 Trim dead stems and leaves

An excellent way to keep your flower garden from dying is to regularly trim dead stems and leaves so that it has space to continue to grow. Dead stems and leaves are as good as a dead end. If there isn’t any road left, the flowers can’t keep growing.

#5 Have a plan in place for when you’re away

Do you have holidays planned? Great! But, who is going to look after your flowers while you are away? Unfortunately, we often see the demise of flower gardens occuring due to a family being away over the summer. Remember, flowers need to be watered 2-3 times a week. If it is not viable to get some extra help, consider putting a timer on your sprinklers.

Find this all a bit overwhelming?

Don’t worry, LHP Landscaping & Joel Irrigation is here. Our team strongly believes that every home and commercial premises deserves excellent landscaping! Our team of landscaping experts would love to help you design your landscaping and determine the best location for your flowers. Let’s work together to create a beautiful outdoor space for you to relish.