There’s no denying that water is a precious natural resource that is only depleting with time. Any steps that we can take to maximise irrigation water conservation will not only make a difference, it is also vital to the sustainability of our planet.

With a new LHP Landscaping & JOEL Irrigation system, you can save water and maximise its efficiency. Today, we’re diving into a few easy ways you can use your new LHP Landscaping irrigation system to minimise your water dependency while still keeping your yard looking green, healthy and lush.

As a company focused on irrigation in Perth, we have curated a list for you to consider.


#1 Adjust seasonal sprinkler settings


With a smart irrigation system, you can control and optimise your water use by controlling their clocks. Depending on whether or not it is summer or winter, you can adjust your sprinkler settings with intensity, frequency and time duration. Work with the natural elements based on the season.

For those in Perth using a traditional irrigation system, adjusting those settings may not be possible. This means you’re forced to deliver the same amount of water to your grass all year long.


#2 Leverage weather sensors


Your smart irrigation system knows exactly when to water your lawn and how much. It does this through live weather feeds, which are updated from our network of sensors that track things like temperature or rainfall.

With the advanced sensors, you can rest easy knowing that your precious landscape is being well looked after, even when it’s not in use. The watering needs of your plants will be met without any wasted resources.


#3 Use sensor-based controllers


What if you could control the amount of water being delivered to your lawn by adjusting it based on how moist the soil is? With a smart sprinkler supplied by an irrigation supplier in Perth, that’s now possible.

You can find these control products as stand-alone devices or accessories for existing controllers. Top-tier models come with specialised under-the ground sensors which help determine when and how often we should be watering our yards! When you schedule your irrigation system to operate based on the moisture in your soil, you’ll never run the risk of drowning your plants.


#4 Install pressure regulators


Older irrigation systems in Perth come with sprinkler heads that operate at only one pressure level. This pressure level is normally deemed ‘high’. However, these days, we know that even a minimal reduction in water pressure can help you conserve a significant amount of water. Also, continuous high pressure is not necessary for your yard. If you’re looking to control an entire irrigation zone, you can add pressure regulation devices to the valves themselves.

By finding the optimal water pressure for your plants, you can provide a more effective, uniform stream of water. This allows you to run the system for a shorter amount of time.


Are you ready to install an irrigation system that will ensure you conserve water, control costs and transform your landscaping in Perth? Then get in touch.


We all know that water is essential for your yard, and for our planet. Therefore, a smart sprinkler and irrigation system isn’t just an investment in your own house. It becomes one of the most vital parts of being greener.

When we make strides towards installing more efficient irrigation supplies in Perth, we strive for minimal waste, as well upgrading old-fashioned hydration systems so they work better for you. As an irrigation installation provider in Perth, we work together to take those steps to ensure you have an efficient and sustainable home.