A happy and healthy garden is one of the easiest things to overlook in our busy lives.

Yet, a well maintained reticulation system takes the guesswork and thought out of keeping your garden happy, healthy and thriving.

A reticulation system refers to automatic, piped water distribution networks that create consistent, evenly distributed water to lawns and gardens. They’re programmable to meet both preferences and specified watering days.

As with any system, reticulation systems need maintenance or they may fail, leading to necessary reticulation repairs.

Want to know what’s really involved in reticulation repairs?

Read more from your Perth reticulation team of experts at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation to find out more.


What’s included in reticulation repairs and servicing?

There’s a range of services involved in the repair or reticulation services, they include sprinkler repairs or replacement, and even complete installation of irrigation systems.

Where single fixtures and parts can be replaced quickly by a qualified reticulation technician, the digging up of pipes and replacing pumps can prove to be more time consuming.

Season wise, you’ll find most Perth reticulation technicians favour installing and repairing reticulation systems in the cooler, winter months as the summer months can be long and excessively hot. However, we of course don’t turn away anybody needing reticulation repairs, whatever the season.


5 signs it’s time to organise reticulation repairs

There are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to call upon a Perth reticulation technician to fix your retic. What are they?

  • Your reticulation system is having dripper issues

This usually has to do with clogging in the drip emitters. Something may be pinching or kinking the tubing, roots may have invaded the tubing, too. Also, high water flow rates may lead to failed pressure regulators.

  • The solenoid valves are malfunctioning

Simply put, there’s only two possible malfunctions to solenoid vales – either they don’t turn on or they don’t turn off.

  • There’s noticeable poor water pressure

  • The system is running at odd intervals

  • The controller isn’t responding to any and all button pressing

If any or all of the above are presenting themselves with your reticulation system, it’s worth calling upon a professional reticulation technician at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation.


The other reticulation services expertly on offer

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation have an array of other services to further boost your reticulation’s efficiency.

What are they?

  • Bore installations and bore, pump and reticulation troubleshooting
  • Broken wire locating
  • Faulty controller replacements
  • New installations for residential and commercial properties
  • Ongoing maintenance and servicing
  • Pump replacements
  • Reticulation system repairs
  • System refurbishments.

You can count on LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation for any and all regular repairs, overhauls or modifications to existing irrigation and reticulation systems. These are issues surrounding blocked or broken pipes, solenoids, sprinklers and/or wiring.

Only the best reticulation repairs (and our entire array of other services) are provided to our customers to ensure healthy, happy and thriving gardens.

Looking for a reputable Perth reticulation technician?

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