The natural abundance of spring is finally upon us. The sun is coming out from behind the clouds, the bees are busy buzzing and fluffy ducklings are scurrying behind protective mother duck.

So, as the rain cedes and all the different plant colours shine, now is the perfect time to get your garden into shape, allowing for its enrichment and maintenance accordingly.

What are the best spring gardening tips to take advantage of this glorious season?

Let the Perth landscaping, reticulation and irrigation team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation walk you through our guide to fertilising, pruning and planting in spring.

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The spring season is synonymous with gardens growing and flowering.

So, of course fertilising is essential right now.

Here’s what to do:

  • Feed all your plants (indoor and outdoor), including the lawn
  • Do the same with fruits and vegetables,
  • Roses, gardenias and hibiscus

Upon finishing fertilising, re-mulch your garden beds to keep weeds at bay and also to protect the soil during the summer heat.



Hedges that are too tall or too wide are due to be whipped into shape right about now.

Why? Because this time is where recovery will be the most rapid.

Did you know that plenty of hedging plants, such as Arborvitae and Boxwood, can take hard pruning all the way back to old wood? Not conifers though!

If you’re unsure when to prune, a good rule of thumb is to prune your plants back into shape once they have finished flowering.



If you’re looking to add grass to your back or front yard, but you’re not sure when the best time is, know that it is now. Spring is a good time to take care and liven up patchy lawns as well.

What to plant in spring?

  • Summer annuals – begonias, petunias, salvias and torenias
  • Vegetable garden – beetroot, capsicum, lettuce, spinach, radish, strawberries and zucchini
  • Trees, shrubs and climbers – avocado, citrus fruits, frangipani, plumbago and Australian native plants.

Remember to plant these new shrubs and trees as soon as you can in spring to ensure they get established before summer arrives.


Your helping hand in the garden

Whether you lack the confidence, motivation or time to tend to your garden maintenance, you don’t need to forgo the beauty and benefits of a natural landscape.

LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation are your one stop company for:

  • Residential and commercial landscaping (including garden maintenance)
  • Reticulation installation, repairs and servicing
  • Bore installation, repairs and servicing.

You can count on our experienced and motivated landscapers and technicians to ensure a beautifully enriched landscape from design, construction to maintenance.

Prefer to DIY your gardening? Drop by our Nedlands irrigation shop for quality advice, irrigation products and parts that will ensure a beautiful, supported garden all year round.



Looking to establish or maintain a garden that fully embraces the spring season?

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