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Our specialist irrigation team has more than 30 years of experience installing bore, reticulation and irrigation systems throughout Perth. We provide ongoing servicing and repairs to ensure your garden is kept healthy and stress-free, and our irrigation shop supplies the highest quality parts and products at the best prices.

We have local knowledge and extensive experience delivering both residential and commercial projects and can cater to the irrigation needs of both home gardens and large-scale developments. Whether you need a complete landscaping package, irrigation and bore installation, reticulation repairs or just some general advice, we draw from our extensive industry experience to provide you with the solutions and support you need – at an affordable price.

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What is smart irrigation, and what are the benefits? 


Smart irrigation systems in Perth can be programmed to water each individual zone using computerized technology. It can monitor soil conditions and weather conditions to make sure you don’t overwater after rain. 


The system works automatically. However, you can easily control it using a tablet, phone app or website. Here you will also find useful data about your Perth irrigation.  


Although there are many components to a smart irrigation system it can “self-monitor” and detect problems before they become major ones. 


Is it necessary to have an irrigation system? 


Although it is entirely up to you, it is the best way to make sure your landscape looks beautiful all summer. 


You can set a traditional irrigation system on a timer. But smart irrigation systems are the best and easiest way of taking care of everything. 


What can I do to save money on my water bills? 


A smart irrigation system will save you money on your water bills. Although it may cost more upfront, these systems can help you save as much as 25% to 50% on your water bills over time. When should your Perth irrigation systems go on, off, and audited? It is best to turn off irrigation systems at the end of Spring, and then on again in Autumn. This is to prevent pipes from getting too cold. It is important to perform an audit before turning the system on or off in the Autumn.  


The audit will look for any leaks or cracks, check that sprinkler heads and/or rotors are operating properly and are correctly aimed, and verify that all system settings are correct for the best hydration for your area. 


When is the best time to water? 


It is best to operate your Perth irrigation system early in the morning when less water is lost through evaporation (cooler temperature) and the winds are not as strong. In humid climates, watering after dark can cause plant disease and turf problems. 


How long and how much should I water? 


To encourage deep root growth, and drought tolerance, water your plants deeper and less frequently. We recommend deep watering three times a week for 30 mins per zone. This is a lot better than watering 7x per week, 15 minutes per zone. 


What is the cost of a newly installed irrigation system? 


Costs for a Perth irrigation system installation vary depending on the type of system needed and the area that needs to be irrigated. Prices will also depend on how many plant beds need to be watered. Plants require different amounts of water from lawns, so they need to be separate. LHP Landscaping offers free estimates for both installations and overhauls. To schedule an appointment, please contact us. 


Can I save money by creating my own system?  


No! It could end up costing you more in the long term. A Perth irrigation contractor can design and install the most efficient and cost-effective system. He will ensure that the right equipment is used and streamline the maintenance necessary to maintain your landscape. He will be attentive to important details such as sprinkler patterns (it’s important to overlap them so that the outer edges receive enough water for healthy growth), and backflow prevention (which is essential to protect your drinking water supply). Your contractor will be familiar with the local electrical and plumbing codes, so you don’t need to worry about making costly errors in wiring or pipe installations. He will complete the job quicker and with less disruption to existing landscaping. 


We typically lots of rain each year. Are sprinkler systems necessary?  


You probably wouldn’t need a sprinkler system if it rained every three days the same amount. However, nature doesn’t work in this manner. To ensure lush and healthy growth, water must be given to your lawn and plants regularly and evenly. After a few days, even if there isn’t much rain, your gardens could be damaged. 


Why is it so important to upgrade to newer sprinkler head models? 


The new nozzles have a wider radius than the old style and useless water. 


What length should my grass be? 


Longer grass (3 inches or more) has deeper roots that are stronger and more resistant than shorter grass. Setting your lawn mower higher for taller grass or asking your Landscaper for this during hotter summer months will shade the root system and allow for better soil moisture. 


Where is the water shut-off valve? 


The location of the Water Shut-Off Valve will help you save water and minimise damage to your home and landscape in case of an emergency. It is easy to find the Perth irrigation water shutoff by our technicians because it is marked with our company name. We recommend that you ask someone to show you where the valve is located. 



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