Bore Repairs & Servicing

Groundwater from bores is a precious natural resource and can contribute significantly to meeting your water needs.

It is important to keep water bores well-maintained to prevent water contamination and bacteria growth. When there is bacterial biofilm in the bore, a range of chemicals, minerals, sands, clays and silts may get captured, which reduces the bore yield. Other factors that may cause low bore yield are scaling, corrosion or damage to the bore headworks, casing or pump. 

The team at LHP Landscaping + Joel Irrigation are specialists in both residential and commercial water bore systems. With over 30 years experience in bore installation, repairs and maintenance, our team of irrigation experts can get your bore working like new in no time.

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We’re a Waterwise Specialist

Water is a precious natural resource. As a company that works with water and living landscapes every day in one of the world’s hottest climates, we recognise how important it is to conserve water.

Joel Irrigation is proud to be endorsed by Water Corporation as a Waterwise Specialist. We are committed to the design of water-efficient reticulation and irrigation systems that suit the dry Perth climate.

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