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Ways To Conserve Water With Your Irrigation System

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There’s no denying that water is a precious natural resource that is only depleting with time. Any steps that we can take to maximise irrigation water conservation will not only make a difference, it is also vital to the sustainability of our planet. With a new LHP Landscaping & JOEL…

Our Gardening Advice On Shade

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When it comes to plants, the options are endless. Some plants are sun-loving, while others need to be kept in darker, cooler spaces. Our team of landscapers in Perth has extensive landscaping experience with varying shade in client backyards. Through this article, we’re going to share what the different kinds…

4 Simple Hacks to Keep Weeds Out of Your Garden

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Whilst it might start out as a rewarding experience as you rid an entire patch of weeds, it quickly becomes tiresome. It’s a bewildering fact that the very thing you work hard to do away with, is the one thing that is persistent to keep growing back. When it comes…

10 Tools Everyone In Perth Needs For Landscaping

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So, you’ve decided to give the ‘green thumb’ a go! Not that we are biased or anything, but we wanted to congratulate you on this decision.   You’ll need a set of gardening tools to get you started.   Gardening and landscaping tools can occupy a fair amount of space…

What’s involved in reticulation repairs?

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A happy and healthy garden is one of the easiest things to overlook in our busy lives. Yet, a well maintained reticulation system takes the guesswork and thought out of keeping your garden happy, healthy and thriving. A reticulation system refers to automatic, piped water distribution networks that create consistent,…

The different types of sprinklers you’ll find in Perth

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There’s no one size fits all approach to the way people water their gardens. Depending on garden size, there are different sprinkler systems to choose from. Want to explore the different types of sprinklers you’ll find across many Perth gardens? Read more from the expert reticulation and irrigation technicians at…

What causes a yellow lawn?

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  It’s said, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side,’ and that can be particularly true if you have a yellow lawn. Yellow lawns are frustrating and sometimes leave homeowners, business owners and tenants alike, scratching their heads. It turns out there are a few easy diagnoses for…

7 tips for watering your garden this summer

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  The summer season is often a scorcher in Western Australia. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to let your gardens shrivel up, turn to brown, dry up and die. On the contrary, there are a few things you can do when it comes to watering your garden, to maintain…