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Brown Patches Got You Down? Here’s How to Fix Them

mowing lawn
Is your grass brown and patchy? Is it inconsistent with some areas green and thriving, while other sections are dying?  There’s a variety of reasons why your lawn has met this unfortunate fate. Not to worry, however, as troubleshooting, getting on top of and solving your lawn problems will change…

Can a Backyard Bore Safeguard Against Drought?

Bore, Garden Tips
This beautiful continent, in which we live on is well accustomed to warm temperatures and sunshine. Yet, with consistently high temperatures, sometimes blistering sun and lack of rainfall – comes drought. In an ever-changing climate and dry location, it’s up to Australians to increase our resilience to drought, water our…

How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Christmas

Garden Tips
How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Christmas With it being a year like no other, it’s safe to say most (if not all) of us are ready for the end of 2020.  However, we’re not quite there yet – because there’s still Christmas!  If Christmas is at your place this summer, it’s definitely…

How Often Should You Check Your Bore?

Bore, Garden Tips
How Often Should You Check Your Bore? Many Perth homes and businesses rely on bore pumps to effortlessly and continuously deliver enriched groundwater to our lawns and gardens. Some properties use bore when mains water isn’t available. Yet, without proper installation and/or maintenance, the functionality of your bore may become…