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Bore pump not working? Here’s 4 common reasons why

A bore pump is an expertly engineered method of delivering groundwater for the main purposes of drinking and irrigation. So, when there’s no water coming out of your bore pump – it’s time to do something about it. Chances are, it’s not going to magically fix itself. Want to know…

Understanding the importance of aeration

Garden Tips
Aeration is a term thrown around and recommended in gardening and plant care, be it indoor or outdoor greenery. But what does it really mean? Essentially, to aerate is to poke holes or remove small plugs of turf from your lawn in a regular pattern. Aerating should be included in…

How your garden will benefit from a landscaper designer

Garden Tips
An abundant garden is more than a set and forget aesthetic addition to your home or business. Proper planning with landscape design, regular maintenance and well-thought-out irrigation and reticulation are all the working parts that turn a non-existent or unkempt garden into a beautiful one. Want to know all the…

Why you should check your retic in winter

Garden Tips
We understand that checking your reticulation system (aka retic) in winter sounds counterintuitive. After all, there’s a season-wide sprinkler ban affecting most residential and commercial properties due to consistent rainfall. However, checking on your retic this winter, to determine its health and any problem points, is actually a very sound…

How landscaping can benefit your business

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  There’s no doubting professional landscaping design for the exterior of residential properties is an attractive investment in itself. Landscape design, construction, garden maintenance and the irrigation systems that facilitate them work to maintain aesthetics and functions. So, are these end results achieved in commercial settings, too? Want to know…

Your winter irrigation ban questions answered

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Winter is well and truly here and that means it’s time to take a well-deserved rest from watering your garden. While that much is true, it seems not everyone knows the ins and outs of what the winter irrigation ban for Western Australia entails. Not sure what you can and…

4 Composting Tips for an Abundant Garden

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If you know one thing about gardening, it’s that plants need more than just sunshine and water to grow and thrive. Don’t get us wrong, sunshine and water do a lot for our plants, but plants, just like ourselves, need nutrients to survive. Composting is a great, cost-effective and easy…

3 Landscaping Ideas for Smaller Gardens

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Reticulation is a set and forget solution – right? Well yes, but also no. While reticulation is an important tool in our endeavours to keep our Perth gardens lush and beautiful, there’s important things you should do in the set-up and operation of your reticulation. Don’t worry – they’re all…